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We’ve got some pretty smart people on the RLM team that have been doing this marketing thing for a really, really, long time and they are waiting for an FAQ that stumps them! 

If you would like to have your FAQ posted here on our site, send it in – we’ll put it up – and we’ll even post our Freakin’ Awesome Answers (FAA). FOR FREE!  That’s right, FREE consulting advice on your FAQ – when was the last time an agency gave you anything for FREE?

FAQ:  Do I have to have a million dollars to get an awesome website for my small business?
FAA:  Nope!  Not even a half a million!  Seriously, our average customer’s website costs less than $5,000.  Now, that’s savings you can put in the bank!

FAQ:   I live in Florida, and would love to use you guys – but how do I work with an agency that is based out of Illinois?
FAA:  Good question – but easy answer.  In this day and age of virtual reality – you won’t even notice that we aren’t “just around the corner”.  We can do webmeetings, conference calls, instant messenger -heck, we can even get on a plane and come see you for that initial visit!

FAQ:  I am really a small business – just a handful of people, but I really need help getting my marketing plan ideas started.  I can’t afford to hire a full-time Marketing Manager – can you guys help?
FAA:  Yes we can…we can write you a comprehensive plan just for your business – a roadmap of sorts and then you can determine who can get the job done for you within your own company…you can use us as little or as much as needed.

FAQ:  If I don’t have the cash, but I do have product to trade for your services, do you ever get involved in bartering?
FAA:  Hey, how do you think Robin got all those “toys” on her place?  Just kiddin’ – but yes, we do engage in bartering from time to time – if you have something cool we don’t already have!

Keep the questions comin’!

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